Is my Underwater Photography "Art"? / by Wolfgang Leander

A craft, perhaps, but Ila France-Porcher considers my shark photography to be artistic.

I have to admit, false modesty aside, that I feel quite flattered by it, as I admire multi-talented Ila for being an accomplished author and a sensitive painter*), a very professional and competent non-academic shark ethologist, and, last not least, a deeply passionate shark lover and eloquent shark advocate.

So, having her review my work is indeed a much valued privilege, and it fills me with honor. I cannot say it any other way.

If you, dear Reader, haven't heard of Ila France-Porcher, you ought to know also that she is one of those rare shark people who have such a healthy ego that it doesn't have to be constantly pumped up like a cracked bicycle tire... She has neither an organization behind her, nor is she her own PR-manager; she is she, and doesn't need to be more than that.  

Here is Ila's article as published in the latest international issue of the prestigious X-Ray-Magazine. 

*) I have one of Ila's Tiger Shark paintings that captured the essence of tiger sharks far better than any of the best photographs of these incredibly expressive, strong, yet most gentle creatures I have ever seen - including my own images, of course...   :-)  :-)