Chiara, my beloved dog died while I was away. / by Wolfgang Leander

Chiara: Intelligent, sensitive, loving, and lovable - a real 'mensch'...

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I just discovered this blog in my drafts box - simply forgot to publish it. Even though Chiara died 6 months ago, I feel that I have to honor her by posting the blog, however  belatedly.

I have had Chiara since August 2008, and we grew quietly and deeply to be emotionally dependent on each other.  There is not much more I want to say about our special relationship, except that both Lupi and I are devastated after losing Chiara. Lupi, her close and only companion during the last 6 years, will definitely miss her more than me.

The guards of our gated community who looked after Chiara during my absence told me that she would not eat anymore for no apparent reason, and as a consequence "simply" passed away within some four days. 

Had I been around, it might not have happened as I would obviously have taken her to our vet right away. On the other hand, perhaps it was time for Chiara to exit the world. She must have been 12 years old when she died - that would correspond to 84 years of human life.

I will miss Chiara, and will try to comfort Lupi by being especially attentive to him and giving him more goodies to ease the pain that fate had in store for him. Often, it is the survivors, not the departed, that are to be mourned....