It looks like I might have overlooked Felix lately... / by Wolfgang Leander

.... I have written several posts about my new old-age love Wolfie, a blog about my father. Have I perhaps overlooked my son?

Not at all.

How could I ??? Look at this young man - he is the very best son a sensible father could wish for, by far....

Maybe I took Felix for granted since he and Carmen made me an "Opa", but he was, is, always close to me. 

I think about him EVERY single day which isn't surprising. When Felix was born a little over 37 years ago I immediately knew that he was the very purpose of my life. I didn't have to philosophize anymore. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy thinking about death, and thus preparing to die, which is, according to Michel de Montaigne, the essence of philosophy...  :-)

Felix was the sun and the center of my private universe that gave me the raison d'etre, but also warmth and an existential joy that was never interrupted, not even  by  the slightest hint of a feeling of becoming sated with the role of a parent. 

Simply by being there, Felix illuminated my often stony path during the many years that have since gone by. 

I know that Felix feels the same when Wolfie entered his life. As I observe him interacting with Wolfie, my heart and my eyes overflow, and I could drown in an ocean of tenderness. It reminds me of the precious times I spent with Felix when he was Wolfie's age.

Again, why should I, a passionate image maker, try to look for adequate words when you could see, literally, what I mean?

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